On the inside differences between woman and man

September 24, 2009 at 12:25 am (Faith, Family)

I heard a speaker recently speak on the differences in men and women from a Godly perspective, and it was absolutely great.  She talked about what is important to men  (yea,  you got it – sex) and what is important to women (yea, you got it – relationship).  She explained it in a way that was not a put-down to either.  That is simply the way God wired us.  Therefore, we would be much happier if we could accept that,  understand it, and do our best to meet each other’s needs.  Now, I have to admit that I already knew the differences before I listened to the teacher.  I am guessing my husband already knew the differences before he listened.  That is okay.  It gave us a chance to look at each other and say,  “I know what is important to you.”  That can’t be all bad can it?

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A taste of fall

September 13, 2009 at 11:18 pm (Family, holidays, seasons, Uncategorized)

It may be a little early, but I can’t help it!  I love fall!  These nights that are just a bit cooler and the morning with a little more snap in the air get me going.  There are al lot of things that are neat about the season.  Here in North Carolina, the change in the color of many leaves are beautiful as they seem to show off their reds, golds, oranges, and yellows.  The smell of them burning is nice (at least I enjoy it).  In fall I get to wear my favorite clothes – sweaters, boots, and jeans.  Most of all, it is exciting to know that the fun is just beginning.  As the season turns to fall, our minds start turning to the holidays and all the fun things that come with them.  So clean out the closet and find those warm  clothes and get ready.  Anyone else agree that fall is magical?

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July 18, 2009 at 10:45 pm (Family)

My little girl just spent the week away for the first time from us.  She is age 10, and went to camp.  She did not really want to leave us, but kept telling her that she would have a great time and be happy she went.   That and a little money incentive from dad worked, and she went.  Her dad and I got a call in the middle of the week from her.  She was having a great time and so excited she could hardly get it words out.  We picked her up today.  She is a little weary as she relaxes on the couch, but full of memories that will last a life time.

I am happy she will be in her own bed tonight under my roof.

Anyone have a special memory of summer camp that they want to share?

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My Opinion of the New “Transformers” Movie

June 28, 2009 at 2:27 am (Uncategorized)

Well after a long and on the go Saturday of work around the house, I enjoy going to see the new Transformer movie.  It was neat with a lot of special effects.  It touched on a lot of important issues, like parents facing the empty nest syndrome, true love, and courage.  I appreciated all of that.  Unfortunately, there were a few things that I thought the movie would have been just as good (okay, better) without.  I could done without the sexual suggestions.  It would have been okay with me not to see the two dogs playing around.  Really, I did not need that information.  The last thing I really did not appreciate was the language.  Wish I could say I will be recommending the movie, but I really do not feel that I can.   Sorry.

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A man or a child?

June 27, 2009 at 2:52 am (Family)

My husband and I have an eighteen year old son that we love dearly.  Unfortunately, he thinks that he is all grown up and can make great decisions.  I say “thinks” because his decisions have gotten him arrested 3 times already.  He is currently living back at our house and our care.  He has no transportation, no job, and no money.  Yet, because we try to keep him out of trouble by asking him to watch who he hangs around and come in at decent times, we are told we are treating him like he is fourteen.  Excuse me, but when we have to give him any money he gets and take him most of the places he goes (and clean up his messes) it seems as if fourteen seems fourteen might be about right.  It is not like we have not tried to make him responsible for his own actions.  We have made him responsible, only to end up having to pick up the pieces, and being given more responsibility for him than ever before.  I say I will believe he is a man when he can make decisions that don’t cost everyone else along the way.

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Goodbye to Michael Jackson

June 26, 2009 at 1:55 am (Faith, Family) (, , )

I have to admit that Michael Jackson is not a star that I have followed closely, though he did have a couple of songs that I thought were beautiful.  However, I, like many, was sad to hear the news of his death today.

Michael appeared to have a lot of things that were unusual in his life.  My ten year old had a lot of questions, but stopped me short with one in particular.  “Mom, why did he want to change the color of his skin?”  I found myself trying to explain that sometimes people have a hard time being happy with who they are.  Inside, I’m thinking that probably most of us are not totally comfortable with who we are.

My daughter thought that was all very sad,  and I had to agree.

May we all find peace with who and where we are.

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Summer At Home

June 15, 2009 at 1:36 am (Faith, Family)

Yeah!  As I said in my last writing, I am a teacher.  It is that super time of year when I get some time at home and relax.  I love it!  It is not that I don’t enjoy my job.  I love my kids.  It is just very demanding, and doesn’t leave a lot of energy for things here at home.  I love having extra time to do what I feel like I need to do.  Trouble is, where do I start?  Maybe I’ll start with cleaning out that nasty refrigerator – or those kitchen cabinets – or should I tackle that shower.  Naturally my ten year old will request my attention for a while.  I definately need to take my son a couple of places.  That quilt top is still waiting, and those pictures that need a home.  I have to save a little time in the day for that other craft project I have been meaning to finish for a while now.  There are those books I have been putting off reading, and my daughter’s closet needs cleaning.  Oh well.  Like I said,  it is the time of year when I get to relax a little.

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Here Comes the Summer!

June 12, 2009 at 12:07 am (Uncategorized)

Well, I’m a teacher.  Yesterday we took a picture,  said good-bye to the children, and wiped away a few tears.  Today was packing up day, turning things into the library, and checking those folders.  Tomorrow is a nice lunch for the staff, and more good-byes.  Then it’s off to do those things we do in the summer.   Trouble is, “the list” gets me every summer.  I sit and plan and plan and make a list and plan more.  It’s a great list.   It’s a necessary list.  It’s just that it’s a long list.  I never get finished with everything.  In fact, I sometimes wonder why I try.  But I will keep planning.  I will keep making my list, and I will keep working on my list.  Well,  guess I better get at the jobs ahead.  It will take a while.

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And the circle goes on . . .

May 19, 2009 at 12:49 am (Faith, Family)

We lost my mom this fall due due to a sickness she suffered for several years.  While it was sad and we still grieve and miss her, I am amazed at the things God gives us to keep life magic and special.

The circle of life is one of those truly magic things he gives.  Last January, my niece had a beautiful little baby girl that has kept the light shining in our eyes.  Mom got to hold her before she left us, and I am so thankful she got to share her.

Then Saturday was another magic moment.  My nephew and his wife have a handsome nephew that is eleven years old.  Now, after all that time, they are having a baby girl due in June.  I watched her mom rub her tummy as the little one played inside, and I thought, “what a little miracle.”

God chooses the unexpected to remind us of how good he is and how he always has something beautiful to surprise us just around the bend.

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Getting Through with a Smile

May 16, 2009 at 2:57 am (Faith)

Okay, it has been one of those weeks.  Several times,  I have just thought, “Lord help me survive until Friday after work.  Some of it was little things.  Some of it was big things.  Most of it was unexpected.   But in the end, the bottom line is that God helped me through.  Most of the things that had me concerned ended up working out in ways I could never have imagined.  It left me once again feeling very small realizing that once more I just haven’t quite gotten it yet.  God is in control.  He can do what I can not.  My life would be so much more peaceful if that truth found its way into my heart once and for all.  Still, He continues to show me again and again that He is the keeper of my life.  I am grateful.

Next time you are having a week of questions, look down deep for that faith that God knows.

I recently read a book written by a man that grew up in my community nearby.  He was sharing about a time his daughter had a severe illness that it seemed might take her life.  He wrote that he had put in his journal during one of those tough days that, “We know God.”  What a powerful thing to know.


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